Ruby    A worthy successor to Perl

Ruby is an "Easy Object-Oriented Scripting Language" that is has emerged into the mainstream in the last few years.  It is well suited to a wide variety of tasks including system administration, rapid prototyping, Web development, complex text processing using regular expressions, artificial intelligence, and the teaching of object-oriented principles.  Ruby combines the better characteristics of the most popular interpreted languages, but with a refreshingly minimalistic and intuitive feel.

Some of Ruby's strengths:

  • Regular, orderly language design
  • Automatic memory management and garbage collection
  • Perl-like pattern matching features
  • OO design from the ground up, not awkwardly grafted on
  • Direct access to system calls
  • Support for graphical applications through the Tk, Gtk, and FOX toolkits
  • Simple, high-level threading support

Ruby is freely available under the GNU general public license.


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(SAMS Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days)