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Title: Rubikitch.love?(Ruby) == true

1 What's new

2 EmacsRuby Project

el4r:EmacsLisp for Ruby (last modified [2006/09/21])

The core of EmacsRuby.

langhelp:Integrated help system in EmacsRuby (last modified [2006/09/21])

Langhelp creates an index of documents of various programming languages, and enables you to search documents instantly in Emacs.

Gonzui for Emacs (last modified [2006/02/05])

Gonzui Emacs Interface in EmacsRuby.

irbsh (last modified [2010/04/08])

An extended inf-ruby.el

3 Ruby


TDD/BDD++, automagic assertions, 100% accurate completion, doc/code browsing...

Test::Unit::Benchmark (last modified [2006/01/19])

Unit testing with benchmark.

ppp (last modified [2006/01/17])

A shortcut to debug printer.

apt-sary (last modified [2007/04/26])

Fast `apt-cache search' and `apt-file search'.

RCtool (last modified [2005/12/11])

RCtool is a small tool which makes/updates rcfiles automatically.

4 RD

RTtool (last modified [2009/01/25])

Simple table generator.

rd-hindex.rb (last modified [2005/08/15])

Make an index RD from RD.

5 GNU Screen

screenrc.el (last modified [2005/12/02])

Major-mode for editing screenrc.

6 w3m

apt.cgi (last modified [2006/04/19])

w3m interface of Apt(package system of Debian GNU/Linux)

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